New to vaping? Vaping FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions for people new to vaping and wanting some quick answers. We’ll cover all the major topics which regularly pop up when users first start vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is also called Electronic cigarette, which simulates tobacco smoking. Most mainstream electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) today use an atomizer (vaporizer) to turn liquid into vapor, simulating the sensation of smoking. Because it’s all vapor (vapor) between swallows, e-cigarette enthusiasts also tend to refer to themselves as vapers.

How do vaping devices work?

Specifically, they are powered by a lithium-ion battery, which allows the liquid to pass through the atomizer and turn into vapor, simulating the smoke produced when you smoke a cigarette. An atomizer is usually a heated electronic unit containing a coil of wire and cotton, into which is added a liquid commonly known as tobacco oil, or “juice” as some vapers call it. Tobacco oil usually contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine, but even vegetable glycerin alone can be used, with flavorings and nicotine as options.

Why should I vape?

Theoretically, e-cigarettes could significantly reduce the health hazards and fire potential for smokers by replacing traditional paper cigarettes, and could potentially serve as a safe alternative to nicotine. E-cigarette sellers generally sell them as cigarette substitutes, and some in the medical community believe they would be a promising alternative.

Is vaping safe?

In principle, e-cigarettes do avoid many of the hazards associated with paper cigarettes.
When used, nicotine is absorbed through atomization and does not burn, so e-cigarettes do not have the tar that is the biggest carcinogen in paper cigarettes. In addition, e-cigarettes do not produce the 60+ carcinogens found in regular cigarettes.
Because they don’t burn, there are no secondhand smoke problems, or at least the amount of secondhand smoke is significantly reduced.
According to the BBC, a report commissioned by Public Health England found that e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer and less harmful than traditional paper cigarettes. The report also noted that e-cigarettes help smokers quit. It even advocated for the government to include e-cigarettes in the NHS health care system.
E-cigarettes can be made with nicotine-free oils or bombs, which are not only harmless to the public, but the oils also give off a pleasant candy and drink taste.

What device do I need to buy?

This is a very tricky question, as it depends on your preferences and experience with vaping. If you’re a smoker looking to transition to vaping we recommend a pod vape using dark sparkle to start with. If you want the portability of a pod system but something that generates more vapor buys a vape pen. We also have an article concerning the cheapest vape mods, which might be a good place for vapers just starting out.

Can I quit smoking by vaping?

The subject is even more arcane.In 2015, Rolling Stone interviewed Daniel Walsh, known as the “High Priest of Vaping,” and when asked about it Walsh said.
” There is so much anecdotal evidence out there supporting the idea that people like me have helped hundreds of thousands of smokers quit.”
But that’s not entirely believable when you consider that he’s also the CEO of the e-cigarette company Purebacco – after all, Purebacco made $350 million in sales from e-cigarette oil in 2015.
He himself later added.
“Yet as an e-cig CEO, I’m not really supposed to say that, since current rules prohibit us from marketing our products as anything but another vice.”

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